2020 – Step 21:  Breathing Fresh Air

“That’s how my life is now: I’m walking without fear, and if there are mistakes to be made, I’ll make them, learn from them, and keep going.”  ~Mary J. Blige (singer – songwriter – Shero)

Credit: The Shirk Report – Utah DOT Road Sign

The slowdown is slowing down.  Constriction occurs to help determine the “correct path.”  Ego likes to jump in when challenge appears – creating fear – shame – doubt.  Ego says, “ENGAGE.”  Consider not engaging as a strategy. What if – an “old emotional obstacle” still exists – unbeknownst to Conscious-Self For todayUnconscious becomes Conscious.  Trim pickings.  Be choosy.  Balancing probability  We live in interesting times.  Fundamental block?  “Fundamentals” still matter.  Lower the energy investment – the more (re) turns you get to keep.  Hmmm.  Which do you prefer – “shaken or stirred?”  If each person looks out – only for self – we’ll destroy ourselves and each other.  Happily Never After.  It’s the “fork in the road” on the way to the TruthCan’t miss it.  Good decisions come from experience.  Experience comes from (mi) stakes – (mi) stakes aren’t made because people are stupid – (mi) stakes are usually made because we use Logical-Thinking.  The very first thing experience teaches is that – “not everything logical is true.”  The undeveloped side is catching up to the developed side.  Allow yourself to receive.  Intuition is deep and strong – not logical.  Be flexible.  Be gentle.  Be teachable.  Be a good NOTICER – the subtle world is very much alive today.  Be yourselfThat’s a full-time-job!  Can you feel the strength of inner connection?  Shhh – listen.  All is well.  ❤

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