2020 – Step 17: Piercing the Illusion (Initiate-Docking-Sequence)

“Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.”  ~Muhammad Ali

Strange Magic!  Imagine that for the last 13 months – after almost 20 years of travel in time and space – a destination is now in sight.  ETA – Winter Solstice 2020.  In order to prepare for a delicate docking – a series of “braking maneuvers” are initiated in lock-step-sequence. Matching frequency. Shifting gears. For today – a glimpse from the Future (Winter Solstice 2020) arrives.  Minds and parachutes work best when OPEN. When innovation arrives – consider it.  How will this information affect the “group?”  Like-Minds share a “frequency” and sustainability requires many hands-many Minds.  The “Rinse-Cycle” is over.  Closing the gap.  Notice how you react to “social pressure” and marketing – which sets off impulsive behavior/responses.  Balance values with Culture.  Define Valuesdoes this strengthen or weaken my relationshipsSlow down – reflect – “what is the social cost of my (re) actions?”  Do you believe that social media platforms were designed to exploit human vulnerability (aka – fear and anger)?  IMAGINE Alternatives NOT previously considered.  You may surprise yourself with a “Eureka-Thought.”  Be choosy.  Stay classy.  Be yourself.  Trust yourself above ALL others.  This weekend consider the New Reality you’ve landed in – or – consider what is required to lay a new foundation for the futureNew thought – consider what a Solar-Feminine-Christ would look like in your world!  All is well! ❤




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