2020 Step 13: Sun-Kissed

“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.”  ~James Joyce (RIP 1941)

​Be flexible.  Be Teachable.  Is it time to “understand” rather than “be understood?”  When Human figures out what is “detrimental-to-Self” – decisions and choices can be made as to what to “keep” and what to “discard.”  ​When what is NOT needed is rejected – what’s left can be treated with reverence and respectFor today – clearing stress and creating harmony within Self is the goal.  Truth hides in dysfunction.  It will all become VERY clear mid-March (if it isn’t already).  Bigger than Life!  Remember – “there’s a wise old Soul in every child.  And a foolish child in every old Soul.” (The Boy Who Would Become King)  Life Structures.  When something doesn’t turn out the way we expected – it is not because we failed or did something wrong.  Consider it part of the “process of elimination of what is NOT needed for my future.”  Forgiveness of Self or Other may be required.  Forgiveness allows space for Grace.  Deconstruction and purification are now underway.  No rush.  No hurry – some things can not be rushed nor hurried.  Be gentle and tender – be kind – ALL form reorganizes itself.  Honor uncertaintyTears are Holy-Water.  Be with YOURSELF today.  Tomorrow will be here soon enough!  Welcome to “The Beginning.”  All is well!  ❤

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