2020 – Step 12: Sunday Blessings

“Weal – (noun) – a sound, or prosperous state: well-being.” 

Stroke of GeniusWatch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Life never stops teaching.  Human never stops learning.  For today – the question is “would you want to be on the receiving end of what you put out?”  Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat. Truth validated – OR – Truth denied?  Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Either way – it’s time to Reset-Reboot-RealignWatch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Mirrors in “others” Minds reveal who “I used to be.”   Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  What has NOT been dealt with – addressed – understood will be “in my face.”   Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  The Universe is a Master at getting the message across to each of us.   Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Responsibility – Accountability – Humility.   Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Be a good NoticerBe Yourself.  Be your own Guru.  Trust yourself.  What “message” are/have you been getting?  Imagine you’re becoming part of a new family.  The best way to “learn” is to observeMaintain dignity and composure.  Get out in Nature is at all possible.  Listen to the “wind” – bend with it.  Deconstruction is in process.   Watch – Listen – Learn – Repeat.  Today is the day!  All is well!  ❤

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