2020 – Step 11: Unification

“Convoke – (verb) – to call together to a meeting.”

Credit: Tong Tran Song – “Otters in the City

What FEELS right?  Discard old assumptions.  Call in conflicted ideas – beliefs  – wishes.  God rolls the dice in places Human does NOT know exists. Tried and true – OR – something new?  Do worry – doubt – fear – anger – confusion – and resentment fit into the Big PictureFor today – reconsider Intelligence (the desire – willingness and capacity to adapt and change).  Preparations have been underway for a year.  Stop apologizing for “being yourself.”  Humans are insecure.  We tend to go backward seeking safety – rather than going forward.  Do you seek validation of “old-points-of-view” – or can you be open to new thoughts and ideas?  The “next wave” arrives.  Consider (re)consideringIs Ego selfish?  What if you were to discover that the Earth can speak words – yet it might take one human lifetime for one word to be spokenWould that change the definition of time?  Some are “waking themselves up.”  Many cannot conceive of what that would look like.  How does one define “awake?”  The majority search outside Self for “THE ABSOLUTE” answer – maybe it’s found – maybe it isn’t.  Either way something of value is learned.  We each travel a different road – but ALL roads lead to the same place – Here AND Now.  Turbulence keeps emotion “fresh.”  Allow for mistakes – your own and others.  We’ve never been here before – and contrary to what “experts” say – no one has “my answer” anymore than “I have your answer.”  Consider using “WARMTH” not a “blow torch.”  Consider the Universe is upgrading Inner Wifi.  No matter what – simply be aware of Internal Changes.  More will be revealed in the next week.  Get rest.  Show some kindness.  Laugh at yourself.  And do NOT discount Intuition. What if you were to discover that you would be GIFTED with validation AFTER you speak up/out How likely would you be to take constructive action NOW – instead of waiting for the validation beforehandSee?  All is well!  ❤

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