2020 – Step 9: Splitting Image

“Phalanx – (noun) – a group of people or things of a similar type forming a compact body or brought together for a common purpose.” 

Credit: Bonita Eisle

Remarkable is subjective.  All the days past. All the days to come. Imagine trying to put a puzzle together but all the pieces are missing. Challenging For today – think back to around November 11, 2019.  A concept born is becoming ‘living reality.’  The question asked was, “is it safe to _________?”  Maybe the reason we don’t feel “Angel Kisses” when we’re awake is because we don’t believe it’s possibleOnce clarity arrives – change begins. Everything works itself out – but – out of fear – the ego holds back.  We can SEE it today.  How would it feel to have the last 7 years of sadness leave your body? How much lighter would the load be?  A “corner” piece of the puzzle arrives from November 11thThe question is – which cornerIt’s a turning point.  We each decide for Self. Everything is right on time.  Consider change through investing in something of valueFlip conventional wisdom.  In your day-to-day life – do you “act” like what you do MATTERSIt doesMore than you know.  Whether overcoming perfectionism – discerning “smart risks” – or (re)building relationships – we are ALL the same inside.  We EACH interpret reality differently.  Not all people we disagree with are “bad.”  And who says “we have to agree to disagree?”  Why don’t we just agree that we all have different points of view based on life experiences up to this moment in timeSPLITTING IMAGES. Two new skills are activated vis the “sideways escalator” – “listening with the eyes” and “seeing with the ears.”  Be your own Guru – trust yourself above ALL others – and recognize that any “emptiness” being experienced is a sign of “space made” to refill the tank.  Maturity is required.  Emotional sobriety is a BIG-plus.  Repeat after me – “how others treat me has nothing to do with me” – ANDhow I treat others has nothing to do with them.”  See?  Integration is churning deeply.  Serendipity and synchronicity appear when we least expect it.  Expect innovation – imagination – don’t be surprised when the “light bulb” goes off!  Say YES!  All is well! ❤

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