2020 – Step 8: Implementing Intention

“Surfeit – (noun) – an overabundant supply: excess.  An intemperate or immoderate indulgence in something (such as food or drink).  Disgust caused by excess.” 

Life is a great Teacher!  Expect Déjà vuAlready seen!  Human prefers “default options” – Status-Quo-BiasBehavior change is the heart of New Year’s Resolutions – which is why they’re so difficult to keep.  The trick to forming new habits is DAILY consistency.  It takes between 66 and 254 days to create New Habits (read here).  For today we’ve all made mistakes – given our power away to others – settled for less than we deserve – you get the pictureThat’s how we learn.  Not “rocking the boat” is no longer an option.  Two seconds before we “make” (become aware of) a decision – the Unconscious has made the decision. Subconscious feeds Unconscious.  Subconscious – the “pieces and partslong-denied – ignored – fragmented – forgotten – are often the parts we deem as “ugly”  – often leaving us feeling shame/blame/guilt/anger/judgment.  That which we judge as positive – or – negative in other – is what we seek into integrate in SelfThe obstacle is revealed.  The “sideways-escalator” SEES “mistakes as blessings in disguise.”  Change your story – change your life.  Solutions are becoming obvious.  Never forget how to laugh – especially at yourself.  Stay focusedStay neutralIs retaliation really a good idea?  Only to Super-Sized-Ego-Me.  Many distractions today.  Self-to-Soul relationship is growing in importanceDiscontent is a sign of a Heart-Waking-Up.  New habits being formed need a cue – “in situation X – I will do Y.”  (I will write for 1 hour every Wednesday morning before breakfast – is an example for someone creating new habit) Create a cue for the habit you’re trying to changeWithout action there can be no resolution!   Allow “Deep-Self” to join with other “Deep-Selves.”  One-step at a time creates Big Leaps.  We’re all “Sparkly-Star-Shaped-People!”  All is well! ❤

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