2020 -Step 6: Change & Growth

“It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”  ~Yogi Berra

Credit: Juno Gill – Jupiter’s Storms (NASA/JPL)

It’s called “Negativity Bias” – that means Human believes negative events and feelings are more significant than positive ones.  The Mind wants resolution – the Heart needs integration.  Do business leaders have a moral obligation to engage with social issues that affect their employees For today – we’re no longer distracted by the holidays.  Cycles are running around in circles! Think back to around June 21, 2016.  It’s doubtful that we are the same people today we were then.  New beginnings – Old endings.  Keep your sense of humor handy today. Sleepwalking is no longer an option.  Nothing is ever wasted – contrary to how it appears.  Approach ALL situations from the point of totality.  See all the “moving parts” at play.   Listen to your body – it never lies.  We don’t choose our DNA.  We don’t choose where we spend out childhood.  We CAN choose our next step.  We’re expanding integration of past and present.  Today feels like the last few steps before you reach the top of the hill.  Almost Here!  Be practical.  Be pragmatic.  Be yourself.  No one has “my answer.”  Go INSIDE if one is needed.  May the “Fierce” be with you today!  You’ve got this.  All is well! ❤  To know  and NOT do – is the same as NOT Knowing.”  ~The Universe (aka Mike Dooley)

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