2020 – Step 5: Sunday Blessings – Emergence

“Permutation – (noun) – often major or fundamental change (as in character or condition) based primarily on rearrangement of existent elements: a form or variety resulting from such change.”

Credit: Nacho Pelaez – “A Watercolor Transit”

Collective choices bring Collective consequences.  Individual ‘knocks and shocks‘ have prepared Human for the “next leg of the journey.”  Life is not a 12-Step Program – it’s an annual 365-step-journey.  Under the right circumstances – pleasure can be found in absenceFor today – new crayons from the Universe.  See with your ears.  What was the last “original thought” you had?  Do we really “create our reality” – or do we simply “interpret reality generated by the Mind?”  While looking for the ‘secret‘ most overlooked The Gift. There is a Greater Intelligence – a Creator-Spark (God-Particle) that resides inside each and every atom in the Universe (including you and me).  Until the Mind discovers the Creator-Spark-Within it will serve the Ego. Discovering the Inner-Mystery is humbling.  The “Creator-Spark” is waking up inside individuals.  2020 is halfway between 1990 and 2050Quality or QuantityWho owns the Absolute Truth?  Moving from “Me” into “We” represents the “Road Ahead.”   Do you have “feelings” – OR – do your “feelings” have YOU2019 is quickly fading in the rear-view mirror.  There’s a disturbance in the Force – it’s time to get back to the futureSoul Medicine is available today – for those willing to make change-over-habit.  Ideals – behaviors that once brought success are no longer available – they’re obstacles revealed.  Radical self-honestyEat obstacles one bite at a time.  Trust your Inner S/Hero.  Love and greed are two ends of the Spectrum – both have the ability to blind us to the Truth.  Stay neutral.  Stay steady.  Consult True North.  Watch for hypocrisy. Define Cosmic Union.  Discard baggage.  Do not ignore the Shadow.  There is rhyme – reason – meaning – purpose to what is unfolding this week.  You’ve got thisand you are loved more than you can possibly imagineAll is well!  ❤

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