2020 – Step 3:  Wu Wei (effortless action)

“Every single year, we’re a different person.  I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.”  ~Steven Speilberg

Credit: Joan Unger


Look EastWu Wei is a Taoist/Buddhist concept – a state of being where actions taken are in alignment with the ‘ebb and flow‘ of life – flowing with the go.  Don’t get carried away.  Endings are decided at Beginnings. Most children alive today will live to see 2100.  For today – think back to around January 22, 2019.  What “habit” did you promise yourself you would stop? Learning to Quit!  So much has changed – so fast!  What if you had to wait almost 20 years to get another chance to “quit?”  The Next Level arrives – via the sideways escalator.  It’s a Teachable-Moment. Understanding is the intent.  Pay back – OR – pay forward?  The “energy” of EVERY thought a human has is stored in the body.  Ideas into practice – plans into action.  But wait – “am I doing the same thing – the same way I’ve always done it?”  When we overcome the need to KNOW the outcome of a situationwe are free to explore forgotten and neglected parts of self.  The simple Truth arrives mysteriously.  It’s OK to leave before a “movie” ends – especially when we already KNOW how it’s going to end.  Be practical.  Words have power to “hurt – or – heal.”  And sometimes – unbeknownst to us – the Soul will ask for a “hand up ” – as there is nothing left to learn from a particular person/place/situation.  “I’m done.”  Illusion and Reality are a paradox.  Nothing is certain until it happens!  Healing can happen on many levels.  Be kind – be gentle – every human being on this planet is dealing with something privately and most are unaware of what the “it” is.  Please keep that in mind today – and keep showing up for Life.  Everything is right on time Welcome to the 20’sAll is well!  ❤

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