2020 – Step 1: The Landing

“Accomplishing small things will clear the path.  Largesse of Compassion balances frugality.”  #62 from I-Ching (Book of Change)

Credit: Roie Galitz – “Whopper Swan Landing”
Welcome to the Year of Infinite Possibility! Repeat after me – “I AM the vehicle for my Soul’s Evolution.”  2020 will be memorable and remarkable.  We’ll end the year on a high-note.  It will take a few months to LandInter-connectedness.  BelongingHomecoming – Spiritual FamiliesValues Realigned.  When breakdowns appear biblical – then emergence is Epic.  Expect speed-bumps this year.  This year will require physical effort – no ‘love-and-lighting‘ our way through the Darkness.  Turn on the flashlight please – spotlights are better.  There will mountains to climb.  Bridges to cross. Life is Experiential.  Human can see the Truth of Change because the Heart NOW responds differently.  “Silent Knowing” is rising to the surface.  For todayrest – relax – recover.  We’ll all hit the ground running tomorrow.  Pay attention to “signs” today.  Let’s skip the “resolutions” – we rarely keep them.  Promises are irrevocableMake a promise to yourself instead.  There are “toxic males” AND there are “toxic females.”  The Human Collective is being asked to protect the most vulnerable – children and the elderlyCompassion is going to be the “New Black.”   Feminine energy is rising in BOTH male and female.  We’ll go through “delabilzation” and dropping the whole “up/down” Hierarchy-thing (it keeps the Old-Dark alive).  It’s all “sideways” now – no one is “higher” – but rather there is the “next-level.”  That’s itEither we’re ALL special or no one is special.  The “next-level” can cross dimensions.  Surprise!  We’ll dress 2020 up in bright shades of inspired courage – using joy and playfulness to speak up and speak out.  Creativity.  Be a Maker.  Find a hobby – find a ‘cause‘ – find something that motivates you to get out of your comfort zone!  It generates more choices.  Life shows up everyday – whether we notice or not.  No – life isn’t all nice-nice – it’s raw and beautiful EQUALLY.  Our job is to Witness it all – – LISTEN with your EYESEnjoy this day.  All is well!  ❤

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