Step 365:  The Next Level

“Panacea – (noun) – A mythical remedy for all illness and disease – a solution for  all problems and difficulties.”

Is suffering created by lack of insight?  To find truth – Human needs a frame of reference to compare.  Patience reveals Big-Picture-Perspective.  Chaos and Order.  If there is a battle – it is won Within.  Inner fortitude is needed to quiet the freaked-out-Mind.  It’s like trying to tame a ‘wild animal‘ – continually bringing ‘thoughts’ to neutral ground – unbiased and uninvested in a particular outcome.  For today – awareness – integrity – and inner composure are needed to deal with any challenges.  Detach from drama.  The Mind is a construct created by the brain to make Ego feel safe.  It equates vulnerability as inadequacy.  All that is happening is we are each being tasked to stretch beyond the limitation of HABIT.  It’s absolutely exhausting resisting the change.  Trying to defend against threats is especially tiring when the battle is being fought in “my imagination.”  The keyword today is “LISTENING.”  Listen with your EYESEars – Heart – Feelings – Senses – and the wordless space calledKNOWING.  If you believe no one can understand you because they haven’t felt “my pain” – then – think again.  Pain is pain.  Hearing is acknowledging soundListening is acknowledging the message within the sound.  You may be asked to Witness another or need another to Witness you.  Listen if you’re called to LISTEN – – and – – Speak if you’re called to SPEAK.  Everyone WINS when we LISTENTrust yourself above all othersHappy New Decade!  The Sun will rise tomorrow.   All is well!  ❤

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