Step 359: Deep Clarification

“Whipsaw – (verb) – to beset or victimize in two opposite ways at once, by two-phase operation or by collusive action of two opponents.” 

Credit: KC Sandidge

January begins at the end of December.  Holding on – OR – letting go.  Which makes Human stronger?  ​Expansion or Contraction.  Pain or Gain.  Which makes Human wiser?  Fear – doubt – insecurity – love – joy.  Human experiences ALL during the Trip of a Lifetime.  For todaycatch your breath.  Inhale – Exhale – Repeat Word of the Year (denoting a country’s buzzword) from around the world.  China chose WEN – (stability).   The US chose THEY (non-binary-person).  Japan chose REI (order/command). Germany chose RESPKTRENTE (respect pension).  Australia chose VOICE (indigenous voices contributing to law/policy).  Malaysia choice PIAN (corruption).  South Korea chose GONGMYEONGJIJO (2-headed bird in which each head believes it can survive without the other).  France chose FEMINICIDE (killing of a female because of gender).  Are we really all that different?  Think back to goals at the beginning of the year.  Consider that 2020 will bring a lesson in the “Art of Bowing” and the theme will be learning how to choose Change over Habit.  What “habit” needs to be changed?  WHY CHANGE?  We all laugh – cry – eat in the same language.  One face – One race – HUMAN!  All is well!  ❤

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