Step 355: Sunday Blessings – A Great Miracle

“Fulgent – (adjective) – dazzlingly bright: radiant.”

Credit: Alana Fairchild

​Sunset.  Higher Ground.  From Macro to Micro – truth is written in Nature’s design.  The “Mind of Reason” seeks meaningIllusion reveals the meaning of what “could have been.”    When all hope is gone – Human seeks Divine Intervention For today – the question is “what am I creating” with my presence on Earth?  The Universe answers!  It’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone.  We are each learning to “bow” to greater cycles and our Greater Self.  Not everyone is aware of their Greater Self.  Imagine you could go back in Time.  We’ve all been told about the consequences of “changing the past” and the effects on the present.  What if you were to discover that there are multiple “me’s” in multiple dimensions – living out endless scenarios of “my current life?”   But – what if you discovered that Time-Travel is ONLY possible in another dimensionnot the one you currently live in?  Any changes you make to your past in another dimension is NOT going to change the outcome of your current life – in this dimensionThat would make us ALL Paradox-Free!  Imagine that!   Something is about to make sense – in a way that defies logic.  Which one of myme’s” is visiting me today?  Trust yourself.  Be yourself.  You are more than enough.  Be your bestBest-Self.”  All is well!  ❤

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