Step 354 : The Wheel Turns When Time Spirals

“Gelastic – (adjective) – laughter provoking.”

Human hates problems.  Put “smart” to work.  Dig in.  Retrospection.  Twenty years ago Human was preparing to “party like it’s 1999.”  If the Earth is Flat – why is it Winter in the North and Summer in the South?  Tis’ the “season to spend.”  Ancient Romans called it Saturnalia – Winter Solstice – time to celebrate. Retail Therapy.  Buying love and approval.  Religious Indoctrination.  Reset Moral Compass.  Celebrating the birth of a Savior – the question begging to be answered is – “what would Jesus do?”  For todayhonor Inner-Self – OR – Other’s expectations?  Slow down.  Deep breath – exhale slowlyRepeat as often as needed.  Some will remember it as “Divine Intervention” – others might call it a “Lucky Break.”  No matter what we call “it” – Hope is restored.  That’s a reason to celebrate.  The Universe reveals a secret today – we get what we expect.  For some – Christmas comes early with an “unexpected understanding” of “why it HAD to be this way.”  You are seeing accurately!  Stay neutral.  Shape-shifting.  The Maverick Way.  Justice to Mercy.  Redemption.  Lighten up.  There are many ways to get where you’re going.  Be open to a different path-way-option.  Who said “this in the ONLY way?”  Follow that thread if you feel stuck. Reset boundaries.  No one can make you feel guilt OR shame without your permission.  Remember that today.  Appreciate others for who they are – without expectations.  Our perception of “reality” is being reinvented.  Do not discount any “messy emotions” as they have a message.  Can you make the change when you see the Light – or do you make the change when you “feel the heat?”  What we neglect creates painBe kind and gentle with Self and Other.  There is a Greater Intelligence at work.  Have faith.  Be hopefulBe patient.  Step-by-step-steady-action pays off.  Welcome to the BeginningAll is well!  ❤

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