Step 352:  The Cake is Baked

“All of us every single year, we’re a different person.”  Steven Spielberg

Credit: NASA – Apollo 17 – 47 years ago today the last men to walk on the Moon headed home!

Elasticize thinking.  Human seeks finite answers to infinite questionsGrief – Relief – Misery – Joy – RepeatThe Human Path. How many steps have been made since June 2002?  What wisdom – discernment – self-restraint has been learned?  Who decides how best to protect “the people?”  Either no Human is above the law – OR – all Human is above the law – – which is it?  Either all Human is special – OR – no Human is specialWho fights harder – those with everything to lose – OR – those with nothing to lose?  Why does Human measure “Joy” in relation to other experiences?  For today – discipline builds courage.  Hold steadyWhat’s the difference between God and Santa ClausAsk a 9-year-old.  The answer may surprise!  Words or Actionswhich speak louder?  It depends on intent – motivation –  context.  The “Spell” is finally broken.  Joining ForcesPeace and justice are two sides of the same coin.  What’s best for everyone?  We are often disappointed when others do not meet expectations that have been projected onto themRemember that today.  Consider what you want to create/build in 2020.  Restructuring is upon us.  We follow Nature’s Cycle.  Santa Claus is coming to town and will be leaving lots of DIY (do-it-yourself) Building Kits for everyone.  No one is left out of the equation.  There’s work to be done – physical effort keeps the body-mind-spirit strong.  The “Still-Point” arrives tomorrow and we begin the long climb to the Next Level – we’re moving from Trickle-Down into Trickle-Up.  Embrace the Grandmother-Wise-Feminine.  All that is required is simply “show up.”  Children are unencumbered.  Engage a child if possible today.  Be kind.  Be gentle with Self and Other.  Use common sense.  Be generous with laughter and no – no one has it all figured outThat’s the beauty of it.  We are “naturally” gravitating toward that/those which gives meaning – purpose – reason.  What was once an idea/intention is manifesting.  Keep True North as the FOCUS.  Everything is right on time.  Take the Cake out of the oven.   All is well!  ❤

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