Step 349:  Inspiration + Innovation = Initiation

“Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot.  In your Soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.”  ~Oscar Wilde

The Long – – Slow – – Evolutionary – – Burn – – Human will remember as “2019”  is quickly coming to an end.  Get settled in 2020 brings the “ripple-effects.”  Choice and chance have been offered.  Some chose to change.  Most chose to remain the same.  It’s all timely – relevant.  Be generous with context.  For today –  Just as Nature is “changing seasons” – the hormonal change of the Inner Season arrives this week for Earthwalkers.  WINTER/SUMMER.  Society is changing rapidly now – Life presents an opportunity to “follow” an ideal/personMay the fierce be with you.  Love generates the power to “Re-Member.”  Reflection. How much does a “Life Lesson” cost?  What’s cheap often costs more than anticipated.  Be a good noticer today – especially those who discuss “how things should be.”  They are usually unhappy.  The way “things ought to be” is a fantasy and complaining because it hasn’t been attained is a waste of energy.  We live in “the way things are.”  We are each learning to navigate this New Reality.  Complain to those who have the power to change your world. Get comfortable with the Mystery/Soul/Higher Self/Inner-Other (whatever you call your own personal True North).  We have each been shown the Agendarepeatedly this year.  Speaking out and speaking up.  Don’t take yourself so seriously – laughter is healing.  Find your sense of humor and above all – please be kind.  Be yourself.  Even if you disagree with the “discomforting other” – respect that they have the courage to speak up and speak out.  Slow down.  Get your bearingsBe your own S/Hero today.  Turn off the Auto-Pilot the Ego is pushing – aka – “I gotta’ do this or that.”  No – you don’t.  Imagine drinking directly from the Heart-Chakra of the Divine Mother – squeezing the Last Drop of NectarThat’s nourishment.  Get outside – move your body – be in Nature when possible.  Don’t forget to LOOK UP todayYou’ve got this – – and YES – – we’re going to save ourselves!  It’s okay to color outside the lines!  All is well! ❤

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