Step 346: Without Denial

“Do stuff.  Be clenched.  Curious…..don’t wait for society’s kiss on your forehead.”  ~Susan Sontag (Vassar Commencement Address 2003)

Credit: Kelley Dallas – “Laundry Room Gymnastics”

Turn off Cruise Control.  Confucianism – Islam – Christianity – Hinduism (scriptural belief systems) all focus on “Kenosis” – transcendence of “Self” for the benefit of others. Mainstream does not like radical change.  The currency of the Universe is “Life” – not money.  Life is “life-ing.”  It’s Human nature to despise problems. Contraction ContagionFor todayHow far do you want to go – AND – how much are you willing to risk?   Creativity – Relationships – Completion.  Today offers another “glimpse” of what will be dealt with in 2020.  What’s your “BIGidea2020 is one thing thing – but the decade of the 20’s is another thingValues determine motivation.  It’s a crossroad moment – calling for renewalacknowledge the past – but open up to the future. The Universe sees your courage and if you want to open doors – say “thank you!”  You might surprise yourself.  In one month you’ll have a much greater appreciation for the presence of “Divine Timing.”  Be grateful.  Be kind. Be practical.  Be yourself.  There is no rush.  Trust yourself above all others – especially the Sheeple.  This “stew” has been simmering since 2008!  Focus on what’s working in your life – that’s your Joy-Train.  Easy does it.  All is well.  ❤

2 thoughts on “Step 346: Without Denial

  1. I distinctly felt the flow of this “lifing” expand yesterday around the noonish time..and definite expanded flow by 3 p.m.’s in Full Bloom..air is elevated…room provided easily..
    This days view from your window….is the cherry on top!!!
    Thank you indeed…
    Create a grand adventure today
    Love and Big Blessings always😙


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