Step 340: Turning the Corner

“One sees clearly with the heart.  Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”  ~The Little Prince

Credit: Might Girl

The Data Universe is constantly expandingBubbling and Flowing.  Life doesn’t change – Human changes.  How much change is possible without abandoning valuesFor todayshedding skinjust like a snake. If beliefs are thoughts – where does “thought” originate?  Reimagine.  Rework.  Rebuild.  Reinterpret.  Life is fluid and the only constant is change.  Old stagnant energy is being broken apart.  Some will experience an AHA – some an inner shame – most will be obliviousHell is created through comparing Self to Other.  We’re growing into Truth – and Truth evolves each of us.  Priorities are beginning to shift – change – grow.  What is it you hope to build/rebuild in 2020?  Skip the “resolutions” – instead – consider making a PROMISE to Self.  Promises are irrevocable.  What promise are you willing to make to yourself for the coming year?  Expansion is in the air. Impulsiveness is strong.  Self-sabotage is self-evident – in Self and Other.  In the Union of self and SELF – wholeness resides.  Feeling alone or feeling lonely are two separate experiences.  The question is – “am I separated from My-Self or others?”  We live in a world of adventure – mystery – surprise – discovery.  Not all conditions can be “healed” – as in “cured.”  Surrender isn’t about accepting a situation – but rather – consider “surrender” as an elegant dance of “Power and Peace.”  Sometimes healing occurs at the Unseen level – but the physical condition remains.  How we choose to live with a situation/condition is at least as important as “how I Heal.”  And sometimes – they are one and the same.  Life can surprise us Remember – the Universe gives us what IT needs – not necessarily what we want.  Some situations/conditions will take us to places we never dreamed about.  Be kind and gentle.  Use common sense.  Be practical about what IS and IS NOT possible.  Never-Never-Never forget how to laugh at yourself.  Who knows – someone may be watching and you’re the Teacher and didn’t even know it!  Life is a MysteryAll is well!  ❤

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