Step 339: Land of the Rising Sum

“Learn from failure.  If you are an entrepreneur and your first venture wasn’t a success, welcome to the club!”  ~Richard Branson

Without a body – Ego cannot survive.  When negativity has nothing left to feed on – it disappearsNew thoughts are becoming Second Nature.  It’s a Paradox.  Corporate leaders are “waking up.”  Maximizing shareholder returns is NOT going to be the main focus in the future.  Gender Equality is a business imperative.  When Feminine leads growth occurs. It’s called ESGenvironmental – social – governance  and it’s “going mainstream.For today old dogs are in the process of learning “new tricks.”  It takes time to catch up to the present though.  PatienceHow does one maintain FAITH with absolutely nothing to hint at its arrival?  Depends – is it Ego or Soul-Self asking?  Remain in contact with True North (Core Self).  Set an alarm on your phone to “check-in” with True North each day.  Something is coming to a head this weekend – a new reality is taking shape.  We get our first taste of “making a change over repeating a habit.”  Rolling into 2020 we’ll find it much easier to make changes rather than continue Blind Habit.  Some feelings – things – people are more trouble than their worth.  Notice what makes you feel alive.  Notice what makes you feel stale. ​Light + Attraction can feel like a gentle hurricane – bending time to see “the spaces” between “here and there” – – “then and now” – – “when and why.”  ​Can you see it?  “I” am neither Victim nor Survivor – “I AM the creator of Dreams and in this dream – no one and no thing owns me.”  Realignment begins.  Be a VERY good Noticer.  Common sense.  Common ground.  Be kind.  Be generous with humor. A message arrives from “behind Future-Time” in an unexpected moment of clarity.  All is well! ❤

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