Step 338: Blank Canvas

“Everyone has talent.  What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads.”  ~Erica Jong

Credit – Janine – “picture Perfect”

A drop of water dies when it merges with the ocean.  Evoking Vast Expanse.  Yin and Yang.  Yin (Receptive-Feminine) rises from emptiness.  It’s creative inspiration.  Yang (Active-Masculine) fills what has been emptied out.  It’s a delicate dance.  Curiosity and wonder activate Yin.  Discipline – focus and self-control activate Yang.  It’s easy to overindulge – take the easy way out – or waste opportunities.  For today – It’s Showtime!  In my reality – Showtime looks like __________!  (Fill in YOUR blankDouble-Edged-SwordsBlessings can end up being a Curse – while – a Curse can turn into a Blessing in Disguise.  It requires “dancing” with Paradox.  We arrive at exactly the right time in the right place.  Do you remember what you were doing exactly one year ago?  Do you believe you will remember exactly what you are doing today in one yearMuch is going on behind the scenes.  Notice “Natural Awareness.”  How much “authority” can you handle?  Better question – “WHO” is “THEauthority in your life?  Focus on the “common good.”  There is great beauty in difficult ugly.  We are each Teacher and Student.  We’re learning as we go now.  Love can tame the Inner Animal.  Innocence can tame power.  We each get a chance to interact with our own power – the question is – “am I comfortable with power?”  Be kind. Use context if/when confusion appears.  Unforgiveness is like taking poison expecting someone else to die.  Hate kills slowly.  Be your best “Best-Self.”  All is well!  ❤

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