Step 337: Strange Magic

“The surest way to make a monkey of a man is to quote him.”  ~Robert Benchley (American Humorist)

Credit – Ivan Pedretti – “Electric Milky Way”

Simplicity hides inside complexity.  Human can see Space.  Human cannot see TimeA new front opens up.  What goes around comes around.  Restoration.  Approaching the 100th Monkey.  Winning is beginning to “go out of style.”  The Age of Aquarius goes Mainstream in 2024For today – Feel the Synchronicity!  If you get the “feeling” the Universe is sending you a message – by all means – PAY ATTENTION.  We learn as we go now.  The “story” we tell about others is the story of myself.  “I AM” the “story” “I TELL” about “myself.”  What “story” is being toldJust the facts, Ma’am.  Reverse Psychology is a parent’s “handy-go-to” tool.  It works on adults who act like children too!  Patience is required to see the ‘bigger picture.’  Something is becoming “self-evident.”  Which is more important – ‘beliefs and emotions‘ – OR – ‘meaning and purpose?‘  When culmination occurs – adjustment is needed.  It happens once a week.  “When I change what I believe about myself I am changing what I believe about others.”  An investment/sacrifice made around April 14, 2015 pays dividends.  It’s delicious!  The ONLY thing required is to Be Yourself – you are more than enough.  Something once desired has suddenly become stale.    Exercise today – look deep into a stranger’s eyes (can you see their Soul) – or – if you encounter a stranger who impacts your life in a positive way – say “thank you for being in my life TODAY.”  Be generous with kindness.  Be gentle with Self an Other.  Thinking back over 2019 – what would be your personal Word-of-the-YearAll is well!  ❤

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