Step 335: The Wheel Turns

“Doughty – (adjective) – persistently courageous, resolute, determined.”

Credit: Mickey Welsh/AP News – Statue of Rosa Parks unveiled in Montgomery, Alabama 12/1 – Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat and changed the world!

Human sometimes believes Willpower is a “moral quality”  – a measure of character.  Science says Willpower is a biological function – controlled by the Frontal Cortex of the brain.  When the Frontal Cortex runs out of energy – from low blood sugar – stress – lack of rest – Willpower falls apart.  In turn – it creates distraction – impulsive behavior – problems with working memory – difficulty multi-tasking – emotional volatility.  For today – what “template” do you use for living your lifeOption 1 is gather information and then organize it (work with what you have and improvise) – OROption 2 – you can follow a template (plan your work – work you plan).  Cycles within cycles.  Relationship Resolution.  Think back to around August 24/25 – a 24 month cycle was initiated and today is a stepping stone with the question wanting to be answered – “what feeling is wanting to be met now?”  Chances are the answer will arrive via “my other Self” – relationship.  Bigger Cycle – think back to December 2007What was concluding – what new direction was taken?  What was the “stand-out-moment” from 2008 in your life?  How much “Willpower” was needed to keep the Engine of Creation going?  This is the last month of the decade.  Experience each day “as it is.”  The big takeaway is – “how I treat others has absolutely NOTHING to do with them.”  Am I seeing” Life as it “IS” – or am Iseeing” Life as “I” want it to beHow can you tell the differenceIt is a great big Paradox!  Be generous with Common-Sense.  Be practical.  Be kind.  Be gentle.  Consolidate.  Focus.  Never forget to see the humor and irony.  Belly-laughs are the best.  Humor is always welcome.  We’re shifting-sorting-shuffling now.  December is like delivering a baby – this is the “last push.”  Breathe please.  All is well! 

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