Step 334: Sunday Blessings – The Harvest

“Pointillistic – (adjective) – composed of many discrete details or parts (such as an argument or musical composition).”

Credit: Bored Panda – 2018 SONY World Photography Awards

Nature does NOT obey Human law.  There is an intelligent – organizing force – which manages communication – materials – knowledge and application on Timeship Earth.  ​It often takes “getting burned” a few times for Human to solidly integrate learning and mature.  Forgiveness is Ego’s greatest nemesis.  Ego believes IT has given far more than IT has received. ~sigh For today – The process of elimination has been working overtime in recent months.  Welcome to the Harvest!  All those “small and steady” efforts – for the greater good – finally begin to bear fruit.  It’s hard to NOT have expectations. Patience and quiet nurturing are needed as the “right time” arrives at the “right place.”  Allow it to happen “naturally” – nothing forced.  Steady.  Neutral.  For the next 45 days it will become CLEARwhy it HAD to be this way.”  Pieces of the puzzle.  Trust yourself.  Trust your Intuition.  You are standing at the Gate of  Personal Revolution – but it’s important to remember that what is received is to be used for the Greater Good – for Mother Earth – for your “(Spiritual) Family.”  Allow the Mind to relax and no forcing anything or anyone – but – many Minds can create great discoveries.  We are each part of a “Network” that is coalescing and coming together for the next leg of the JourneyRebuilding!  Be humble.  Stay grounded.  Stay aligned with the CORE of True NorthEarth has to be nurtured – just as Human needs nourishment. You are so much MORE than you can possibly imagine.  All is well! ❤

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