Step 333: Approaching Completion

“Incognito – (adjective or adverb) – with one’s identity concealed.” 

Credit: Unknown

Tomorrow Human begins the last month of a Decade – the 10’s ending.  Cultural trends collide.  Travel means change.  Change means vulnerability.  Courage and conviction are required – to climb “out-of-the-box.”   All that is truly required is to continue taking small steps each dayFor today –   Think back to around October 14th and November 13th.  Focus on what is/has been UNSPOKEN.  All that hard work will pay off.  The “seeds of truth” recently revealed want to take rootWe’re learning as we go now – or – we’ll become aware of it sooner – rather than later.  Be open.  Be spontaneous.  Be kind.  Beliefs are changing to match a clearer reality picture.   Purpose is a spiritual constant – but on the physical plane is always being recreated into a new form.   An adjustment may be needed – along with serious self-reflection.  Keep it real.  Be practical.  Be open-minded.  Be accepting of “that which I cannot change.”  Consider the last 10 years of your life – the physical – mental – emotional – spiritual growth made.  “Where am I?”   Who is still currently in your life that was present in 2010?  Why are they still hereAll is well!  ❤

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