Step 330:  Walking The Path

“If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”  ~Anatole France

Credit: Apollo 12 Astronauts Allen Bean-Pete Conrad mirror image – NASA

​To many indigenous cultures – Time is seen as a PathGods and Human both walk “The Path.”  The Path of Time is the road of history.  ​Amazement often follows confusion when Human reads “between the lines.”  For today – Expect synchronicity and/or serendipity – as in – “ahhh – I understand now.”  Quantity or QualityWhich is betterFinal throes – think back to around June 20thSummer SolsticeRemember?  Specialness creates its own “special-hell-prison.”  It cannot be satisfied.  It always requires “more attention.”  Just be yourself – either we’re ALL special or no one is special.  Are you the same person you were back in JuneAre you still seeking the same goals/dreams?  Can you sense the presence of Discontent-Divine?  There’s something more waiting to be discovered.  Expect a quickening. It requires unlocking doors when self-created-prisons are discovered.  Structures are breaking down so they can be rebuilt – without comparison to others.  Something is trying to manifest into current reality that’s birthed from any disappointment from JuneSurprise!  The answer sought has been shown several times over the past 5 months – it requires TRUST to follow it.  We’ve been “emptied out” so we can re-fill the tank – to move into fullness.  It’s a ParadoxFeelings express YOU in your experiences.  The roles we play in life are expressions of Inner-Self.  They do NOTfill me” – but rather – “express me.”  Trust the sense of Fullness – without insisting on defining the place that is “ME.”  See?  Be a good observer – listener – noticer today – the Universe will delight the senses. Speak up when something positive arrives.  Oh – it won’t look “normal” either.  Trust yourself above all others – lots of gurus hoping to profit from Inner-DoubtBe kind.  Be Inspired.  Be patient.  Be very kind to your BODY – it’s your Soul’s vehicle and requires maintenance – just like a car.  You are loved.  You’ve sooooo got this today!  All is well! ❤

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