Step 325: Earth – to – Heaven

“Heterodox – (adjective) – contrary to or different from an acknowledged standard, a traditional form or an established religion: unorthodox, unconventional.  Holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines.”
Stop thinking like a Human.  Purpose finds Human – Human does not find Purpose.  Compassion is NOT stopping what you’re doing to rush in and rescue another.  It is simply recognizing and accepting that each Human has the right to choose their own path – make their own choices.  Fortunes turn on a dime.  It’s called “Respect their Journey.”  Stop “doing.”  Start “Being.”  For today – Humans want meaning and purpose.  Private does not mean perfect.  We can learn from past mistakes – using new-found knowledge to make better choices and decisions.  We are ALL Travelers on Timeship Earth.  Our future will be different than our past – it’s self-evident.  If fixing the past is no longer an option – is it time to create a New Vision?  Suffering can occur without an expanded point-of-view.  More Light.  More Heat.  More PowerHuman Thought demands “defending”Non-Human Thought knows there is nothing to defend – it’s part of a Greater Experience.  We live on a multi-cultural – multi-national – pluralistic planet.  There is ONLY ONE RACE – Human.  The fact that we all have iron in our blood says “I am made of star-stuff.”  The fact that we separate and value Human life based on color or gender speaks volumes of our ability to respect life (and that doesn’t take into account the plant and animal kingdom).  While reading these words – you are traveling at cruising speed of 66,000 MPH – circling around a ball of nuclear energy that provides ALL life on this planet to thrive.  We can’t feel it.  How can a Human KNOWif it can’t be felt?  No one knows the “destination” nor “who’s driving” Timeship Earth.  In space there is no up or down – there is IN and OUT.  Is the God of Humans the same God of Non-Humans?  Open the windows of the Mind – expand horizons.  Kindness is a cure Do you treat others the way you want to be treated – or – the way you treat yourself?  We can look for the positive OR the negative.  It’s a personal choice.  Thoughts-Deeds-Words-Action create a profound Ripple-Effect. Find middle ground between “self-importance” and “self-negation.”  Doesn’t have to be grand or elaborate – simply Be Yourself – that’s it.  Expect results based on what you CHOOSE to see – out there from the Inside!  It’s a brand new dayFeelings get stronger this weekendAll is well!  ❤

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