Step 324: When Possibility Meets Potency

“When the going gets weird, the weird go pro.”  ~Hunter S. Thompson

Credit: Sutan Alif – Lady In The Mirror

In the East it is referred to as “Dragon Power.”  In the West it is called the “Hand of God.”  The three most powerful words Human can utter are “I don’t know.”  It takes courage to admit not knowing – but opens the door for greater learning and understandingOld dogs can learn new tricksFor today – where do you keep your Moral Compass?  Humanity is maturing and some days it’s not pretty.  Maintain True North.  Core Self.  Think back to January and November 1995.  Think back to the last 2 weeks of January 2019.  Cycles repeating.  Confidence despite disruption.  Stay Neutral.  Steady.  What’s been “hanging” in the shadows?  Look at it fearlessly – look at personal intent – motivation.  Gut-renovating.  Approaching a reckoning requires fortitude.  Personal meets Impersonal today.  The hardest bridge to burn is the one between “who I am today” and “who I thought I was.”  Do “my” beliefs mirror my values?  Harmony – Justice – Equity.  Armor is getting rusty.  Is it time to remove it and “just be myself?”  Is it “going to hurt?”  Faith has consequences.  Self-Love – how do you express “Self-Love?”  When Chaos appears – it’s a sure sign of a new order being born.  Science and Spirituality are not separate – Science feeds Spirituality.  Everything is right on time.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Thoughts are projections of “what I see.”  Clarity arrives sooner than expected – YES – that fog will lift.  No one has the answer for “me” – except “me.”  Be yourself.  Trust yourself. Be open to the “twists and turns” in Life.  Stay fluid.  You are more than enough.  And yes – Guardian Angels will help when asked.  All is well.  ❤

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