Step 323: Have Faith in Yourself – Ready?

“Expedite – (verb) – to accelerate the process or progress of: speed up.  To execute promptly.  To issue, dispatch.” 

Aging is a life-long biological process.  At birth – the Human brain is equipped with billions ​of neurons – but they have to be warmed up and molded to be useful.  At age 25 – the brain is fully formed and neurons form hundreds of thousands of connections as we learn and make memories.  If unneeded – the connections are deleted – while other connections grow stronger as we learn to reason in the “abstract” – curb impulsive and risky behavior and plan for the future.  The Human brain is one of the most resilient organs in the body.  For todayA sigh of relief arrives!  Fearless.  Boundless.  A pillar of clarity resides inside.  The MIND is adjusting to a new concept.  The heaviest burden we’ll ever carry is a “grudge.”  By witnessing just one thing we couldn’t grasp before – reveals “many things” we’ve YET to grasp.  The older the ‘story‘ we tell ourselves the less like the Future it becomes. What’s the “Elephant” in the room that no one wants to openly discussYes – it might be awkward and uncomfortable. In the coming weeks the Universe will present the opportunity to talk about that “Elephant.”  This is a gift.  In one year – the focus will be on “self-reliance.”  Who do you depend on now – to do what you can do for yourselfWhat NEVER let’s you downCan you see the future?  Better yet – when you “think” about the future – where do you FEEL it in your body Goose-Bumps (always notice goose bumps)?  Pay attention to “little things” and clarity arrives SOONER than you can imagineBe kind.  Be gentle.  Is it sweeter to “give” than to “receive?”  Discovery.  Feel for yourself!  GO DEEPThe Universe will expect an answer before the end of the yearYou are awesome!  Never-NEVER-Never forget that!  Mind your own business please.  All is well!  ❤

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