Step 322: Phoenix Rising – Seeker-to-Maker

“Recondite – (adjective) – difficult or impossible for one of ordinary understanding or knowledge to comprehend: deep.  Of, relating too, or dealing with something little know or obscure.  Hidden from sight: concealed.” 


Handle with Care. Energy has been accumulating for weeks now.  The “ball” is in Motion.  The Universe often gives Human what IT needs – not what Human wants.  It’s rarely convenient.  Flow with the Tide.  Expect the volume of intensity to rise.   Is there repressed anger – frustration?  The internet fuels unhealthy social comparison.  What would “Status-Certainty” look like?  The bigger question is – “why do I compare myself to others?”  For today – consider sadness.  We believe it’s a negative feeling – so we avoid it.  What if we were to discover that it’s NOT sadness that does harm – but rather – our belief that “it’s bad for me?”  As Shakespeare said, “there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”  It’s time to start moving away from that which “holds me down.”  An adjustment is needed. Think “irresistible force” meets “immovable object.”   When faced with a conundrum – the question to focus on – “is this really going to matter to me in one year?”  If unsure – think back one year ago to see a) what was frustrating me last year – b) is the current situation similar with a “new face” – c) what outcome am I trying to affect?  Check motivation – manipulation – intent.  Remember – we SEE what we THINK!  It’s neither “good or bad.”   LIFE is “life-ing” this week.  Unstuck.  Biting Through!  Life moves through “ME” – I do not move through Life.  It’s a subtle change in perception that can take “me” over the hump from Seeking to Making!  What do you want to MAKE now?  Figure that out before taking decisive actionAlign words AND actions.  The sky isn’t falling – but it is changing.  Be kind.  Be VERY generous with Common Sense and never-never-never lose your sense of humor.  We live in a Grand Paradox on Timeship Earth – nothing is as IT appears.  We each work with what we’ve got. We’re Reborn again and again – and Rising Up. If expecting a courageous Soul to save the day – “I’m my own S/Hero.”  You’ve got this – promise!  All is well!

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