Step 321: Arm-and-a-leg-ageddon!

“Just because you haven’t found your talent yet doesn’t mean you don’t have one.”  ~Kermit The Frog


Which is better – efficiency OR effectiveness – – short-term objectives OR long-term goals?   Imagination fuels thought.  Thought creates Reality.  Reality sets boundaries.  Boundaries create choice.  Choice reveals separation.  The Universe is benevolent and will repeat opportunities for Human to grow/evolve.  It takes TIME and repetitive choice to “move past the past.”  For today – the winds of change will pick up speed this week.  Too many choices can lead to “decision-paralysis.”  Do we really NEED more choicesLess can be MORE.  The best choices are often boring or bland.  Consider the consequences of “words.”  They have the power to lift us up – or can deflate self/others (especially self-talk).  Take nothing personal (how others treat me has nothing to do with me – and vice versa).  Walk your talk!  Avoid those who ‘think differently?‘  WHY Integration is occurringmutative and unpredictable – consciously and objectively aligning with True North (Inner Core Self).  Notice colors today – they are the ‘perfume’ of memory!  This is a week of balancing – discovering the New NormalAligning Inner AND Outer.  Understanding is merging and blending.  There is NO rush. Be a very good Noticer.  If it feels like a “test” – go ahead and call it an Initiation!  Consider we are asked to get in touch with the Inner Artist!  All that’s happening is we are each getting clearer on future direction of Soul Intent. Be kind.  Be cool.  Have compassion.  See ALL sides of the “box.”  Stay classy.  It’s all going to work out much better than “I” realize.  “Yes Virginia – there are Guardian Angels!” (Remember Miracle on 34th Street?)  We are NOT alone!  All is well!  ❤

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