Step 317: A Sprinkle in Time

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn whatever state I am in, therein to be content.”  ~Helen Keller

Credit: Tuan Nguyen Tan “Harvesting Water Lillies”

How easy is it to trade quality for ease? When the bio-spiritual process of Initiation/Awakening begins – the Soul’s native language “comes online.”  Many are starting to remember their Native Soul Language.  Intuition.  Subtle Awareness. Telepathy. Remote Viewing. All is filtered via Human MindsetTrust but Verify.  Observe – Discern – stay neutral – verify through experience over time.  Learning.  Witnessing the passage of time.  Those born pre-internet are aging and disappearing – while new generations are not just “Digital Natives” but will witness the very best and the very worst of the InternetFor today – start gathering your energy within – reflect on the past – in particular December 2007 – December 1995 – January 1984.  Over the next couple of weeks give consideration to the path forward.  Consult with Higher-Self/Soul-Self/Better-Self – whatever you call it.  “What direction is my Soul aligned with or seeking?”  LISTEN.  The question is “which Voice” is the Voice of Truth?  No one likes to wake up and discover it was just an illusion – or – have compromised Self.  Look back on the dates – consider – “my Soul came to Earth for ____________!”  Fill in the blank.  No matter how it happens – release will occur (what’s been denied – rejected).   Use common senseNObe very generous with common senseBalance contradiction and Paradox.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Don’t be surprised to meet Kindred Spirits and/or Spiritual Kin.  We’re all experimenting – learning now.  It’s brand new territory and no one has ever been here before. Think of it as rebooting the WIFI!  All is well! ❤

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