Step 315: Life Beyond the Map

“Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.”  ~Bertolt Brecht

Credit: Kelly Falkner (National Science Foundation – Blood Falls) Blood runs from Glaciers

Earth is the source of ALL Human Knowledge.  Is the Path pre-ordained (known result) or is the “way” open (being guided)? Between now and Christmas 2019 much is going to be revealed – leaving little to the imagination.  Life is NOT getting worse – on the contrary – it’s the exact opposite.  Our BS-Meters are recognizing dysfunction quicker-faster now.  Toxic and Complicit.  It’s been years in the making.  “Now I see.”  For today – do an honest assessment of personal reactions to corruption – toxicity – need to controlBetwixt – Between – Transition.  Only the real can encounter real and the meeting is long overdue.  Expect news or information.  Is it Divine Intervention or Divine Congruence?  The gift that keeps on giving.  It’s OK to “just say NO.”  The moment we stop walking in-to pain is the moment the Soul is ready to “move on.”  Now – what was/is the purpose of repeating the same thing over and over again – only to have the same thing happen again and again GROWTH – NOT GOLD.  No matter what is happening in life – it wouldn’t be happening unless “I am ready for it.”  HOLD STEADY.  It’s time to begin ‘re-framing‘ the past as a Quest.  What has been learned from “failure and mistake?”  They are Master Teachers.  Completion is NOT beneficial – at this moment – but rather – “staying present in this moment.”  Everything is right on time.  Be patient.  Be kind. Listen to yourself.  No one has “my answer.”  The Universe may surprise you today!  Do not discount the obviousAll is well! ❤

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