Step 314: Full Circle

“Armistice – (noun) – temporary stopping of open acts of warfare by agreement between opponents: truce.”  

Credit: Universal Life Tools – Mercury Transit of the Sun 11/11/19


Keep promises.  Expect clarity.  Truth becomes Common Sense.  Gold stops glittering.  Effort – in surplus – can overcome lack of confidenceKeep going!  A flag is nothing more than ​colored cloth and its power comes from the hearts and minds of Human.  We are UNITED when we agree on what the symbolism of the flag means – divided when we disagree.  The hardest choices Human makes is between two “good” things.  For today – courage is contagious.  What is sacred to you?  Understanding arrives as to “why it had to be this way.”  When we choose sides we eliminate half the possibilities open to us.  Who is the adult in the roomProductive discourse is possible when “I listen to find the good thing Other believes – even though we disagree.”  Ask and it shall be given – seek and you shall find – knock and the door will be opened.  The goal is to SEE through the eyes of Other – especially if the relationship has value and is sacred.  Open minds and open hearts make progress today.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Be curious.  Be reverent.  Be forgiving of Self AND Other.  We are witnessing Human Evolution and understanding howhistory” will be recorded.  Be a better noticer today – the Universe will speak loud AND clear.  Trust the Invisible!  Keep promises. Be your own Shero.  All is well!

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