Step 313: Sunday Blessings

“Today is a good day for a good day.”  ~Chris O’Neil

How many humans in your 2019 life were prominent fixtures in your childhood?  The Inner-Child-Ego wants it “my way.”   As time goes by – those “prominent fixturesdisappear from “current life.”  Not forgotten.  Gravity. “Inner-Ego-Child” eventually meets SoulEgo and Essence.  Eventually Inner-Ego-Child matures.  Inner-Ego-Child does NOT like serving Soul’s agenda.  Co-CreationFor today – imagine – would the western world be any different if husbands took wives names when they got married?  Would it make a difference?  Why does anyone have to give up their identity to legally join with another?  Think back to around May 4th.  Welcome to the “other-side-of-the-fence.”  The Universe is constantly providing feedback.  We simply have to LISTEN Inside.  We are each being tasked with “Re-Connecting” with our best “Best-Self.”  Some call is Soul/Spirit – some call it Higher-Self.  Some call it God.  It doesn’t matter what you call that “part of Self” as long as it is recognized.  Human struggles with the knowledge that Ego bows to Soul, just like Mind bows to Heart – and – smaller cycles bow to larger cycles.  Thinking is turned INSIDE-OUT when we ask “to KNOW what I don’t KNOW.”  What do you NOT Know?  Who is ‘running the show?‘  Ego or SoulBe kind to Self, have compassion for everyone – and everything is right on time.  Be grateful.  Be gracious.  Be gentle.  Be inspired.  Be yourself – it’s more than enough.  All is well!  ❤



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