Step 310: Lost & Found

“What you are looking for is WHO is looking.”  ~St. Francis of Assisi

Credit: Unknown
Does the Soul experience Human-Ego viscerallyMomentum is building.  If you consider your life on Timeship Earthfill in the blank “my Soul came here to ________________.”    Repeating Cycles.  Look at the dates below for reference points and connect dots.  See if you can remember all the “little pieces and parts” that were left behind – disassociated in the shadows.  It’s time to start bringing it ALL into the ‘light of day.‘  Love all of “ME.”  It’s the Grandest of Paradoxes – but – what a ride!  All is well!  ❤
May 9, 1970 | November 10, 1973 | November 13, 1986 |  November 6, 1993 |  November 15, 1999 | May 7, 2003 |  November 8, 2006 | May 9, 2016

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