Step 309:  Magic – Mystery – Miracle

“Some people feel the rain.  Others get wet.”  ~Bob Dylan
Credit: Mind Unleashed Art
The Human brain is hard-wired to “fill in the blanks.”  Quick – which is more important – being successful OR being kind?​  Without limitation there is no opportunity to maximize growth and/or progress.  Trial and Error.  Compare and Contrast.  Becoming a responsible adult doesn’t happen naturallyit’s learnedFor todayactions speak louder than words.  Learning can be “subtle” – as in signs/symbols/portents – or – “in your face.”  Be a good noticer – either way.  We’re weaving time – pulling all the threads of the past – into the future. Can the “edges” be smoothed out now?  Collaboration.  Quid-Pro-Quo?  Was it made clear?  Are we all on the same pageCompassion is recognizing the POWER of each Soul to Co-Create their own Life-Experience.  Put your own oxygen mask on before trying to help another.  Intolerance creates “Living Hell.”  Welcome those who challenge Self.  It keeps it real, folks!  Expect inspirationespecially when you least expect it.  It’s NOT about what you think you deserve – it’s what you believe.  What DO you BELIEVE?  Be kind.  Be generous with CONTEXT.  Absurdity is now self-evident.  Science once believed the Universe was flat and Open-Ended.  Science is slowly beginning to question if the Universe is really Close-Ended – – that means we always come right back to where we started Love thyselfAll is well!   ❤

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