Step 298:  Tricks and Treats

“Aerie – (noun) – the nest of a bird on a cliff or a mountaintop.  An elevated – often secluded dwelling, structure or position.” 

Credit: NASA/JPL – The Cheshire Cat Galaxy Group. The Universe is smiling – SMILE back!

The stage is set – Actors in costume are on stage – and in place.  There’s an antagonist and protagonistNo brain will be left unscathed!  It’s called Metacognition (awareness of one’s thinking process). Some believe their thinking is ‘spot-on‘ – while others wonder if – “I’ll ever get it.‘  The brain creates a Mental Construct to make the ego feel safe and we call it reality.  Once a body dies the first thing one notices is we no longer have our Mind. ~deep sigh~  For today –  Reverse Engineering.  Start at the solution and work your way back to “right now.”  Play Devil’s Advocate!  No matter what/who is antagonizing you – ask Self the following questions for greater clarityAm I doing the right thing for the right reason?  Am I doing the right thing for the wrong reason?  Am I doing the wrong thing for the right reason?  Am I doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason?  Be an Explorer.  No matter what – be honest with Self!  Nothing is as it appears and especially for those who wonder “if I’ll ever get it” – chances are higher than average you’re closer to Divine Inspiration than you realize!  Get rest – take a breather – get out in Nature.  Be kind to Self and Other.  There’s a difference between ‘being uninformed and misinformed.‘  All that’s happening is a process of eliminating out-datedthinking” about a “fear” that’s long overdue to be given a resting place.  Yes – the Devil Made Me Do It!  Find the HUMOR – it’s a great big Paradox – don’t take Self so seriously!  Be the Devil’s Advocate – you won’t be disappointed!  Expect the Unexpected.  All is well!   ❤

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