Step 297: Non-Linear Acceleration

“Coruscate – (verb) – to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes: to sparkle.  To be brilliant or showy in technique or style.”

It’s called DisruptionThe more we learn the less we know.  The Rhythm of Life has changed over the past 10 years.  It’s always moving – always faster – challenged ‘this way‘ and ‘that way‘ – pushed forward – pulled back.  Much has happened and more has changed.  Time has been warped – as we moved from Chronological Time to Algorithmic Time! Anxiety- Racism-Moral Horror.  A New Decade approaches. It’s hard to ‘keep up‘ some days.  Cycle within cycles are running.  Smaller Cycles bow to Greater Cycles.  For today – that which has confused will get clearer.  Frustration can open new doors we might not have considered before.  Failure creates future success (I won’t do that again).  We learn Whole-SelfWalls start falling this weekend.  Surprise liberates blocked energy.  Instead of “fighting” barriers – consider simply “moving” through them. Puzzle pieces: think back to around April 2, 2018 + January 21, 2019 + June 15, 2019.  We’re each moving from Seeker to Meaning-Maker.  What has been the purpose of all the BS?  Either we’re ALL “special” or “no one is special.”  Which is it?  KEEP YOUR SENSE OF HUMORFaith + Flow + Trust + Surrender create “playful spacefor acceptance + allowing + gratitude + peace.  No one is standing on the edge of a cliff (glass or otherwise) – we’re standing at the Edge of a Wormhole.  Begin re-framing the past to find the Soul-Value-Meaning.  Create your own meaning – not someone else’s photo-shopped version of your Life!  Be kind.  Be compassionate (not conforming).  Be generous with context and “belly laughs.”  Be Yourself.  Trust Yourself.  Welcome to the Big-ShuffleLet’s Dance, shall we?  PLANT SEEDS – lots of SEEDS!  All is well!  ❤

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