Step 296: Breaking News!

“Numinous – (adjective) – spiritual or supernatural.  Surpassing comprehension or understanding, mysterious.  Arousing one’s  elevated feelings of duty, honor, loyalty, etc.”

Credit: James Rokop – “Synchronized Swimmers”
November begins at the end of OctoberSeeds grow in the dark.  Soul seeks meaning – Mind wants certainty.  Decisions based on “ego-greed” bear fruit – but may eventually become toxic – stinky – rottenTrue compassion does not mean being a doormat so “I can fit in” – or – “get my needs met.”  It’s a learned behavior.  Outdated now.  For today – we begin a journey – a deep dive to retrieve Disavowed-Inner-Self.  It requires patience and trust.  The easiest way to recognize “Disavowed Self” is to notice when “I put others needs above mine.”  That is repeating what we learned as children to “fit in” or “get what I needed.”   It’s a vicious cycle of shame and not-worthiness.  Dynamic change is headed this way – as “ways and means” are synchronized as an “expression of movement.”  Truth is reflected in “real-time.”  If someone says, “I think I’m allergic (fill in your own word) to you,” believe them.  Other will speak Truth – if we’ll only listen.  Question Self.  “Am I acting my MY Truth – without pressure from my Culture/Society?”  Unexpected Truth brings Genius InspirationHard Truth frees us – but is what “I don’t want to see.”  False Truth reveals the illusion of fear.  “BE HERE NOW” takes on a whole new meaning – if readyFeed your own body – Mind – Soul.  Do not depend on another to satisfy your needs.  Pain turns into Gain.  We’re each moving toward a “Factory Reset.”  Be kind to Self and Other.  Think back to the August 21, 2017 – The Great American EclipseRemember?  Something was set into motion and the cycle completes itself in December.  Almost there!  Notice subtle and sublime.  Clues are everywhere – watch Irony for best clarity.  All is well!  ❤

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