Step 295: Out of the Shadow – Deep in Taboo

“Concatenate – (verb/transitive) – to connect together for a chain or series.” 

Credit: “Starry Night” – Van Gogh

One hundred years equals 5 Generations (5G).  Enmeshed family systems are created to protect one member who has a mental health condition or substance abuse problemEnmeshmentnormalizesdysfunctional behavior and is often used as a way to avoid treatment. Individual dissent is viewed as betrayal within the family.  By dismissing childhood trauma (making it normal/ deserved) it makes it difficult to understand emotions and/or experiences. And beauty can be ugly.  For todayyou can always change your seat if others won’t change.  The best things in life aren’t things – and life goes on – come hell or high water.  Pay attention to what comes out of your mouth – is it truth or merely “going along to get along?”  Does it seem like “the right thing to say,” perhaps?  Think back to July 2012.  It was about courage – respect – value.  What “storyneeded to be recorded?  What caused the “tears” and is crying really a “sign of weakness?”  What was it “IT” you hoped to learn?  It’s time for some deep-deep emotional healing.  Chances are you have to “stand your ground” to not succumb to old familial patterns.  Resetting boundariesmentally – emotionally – physically – spirituallyThe Soul needs nourishment too. Is your Soul starving?  What is the right nourishment for “my Soul?”  What we FEED our Soul is changing.  The Universe never forgets and the Book of Change is wide open.  Make no assumption – but understand that a Natural Unfolding is happening.  Go deep.  Be fearless in looking in the dark – at Self and Other.  The right time to act will present itself – patience.  There is a Spiritual Light at work – have faith.  Slow AND Silent builds a Vortex of Healing Energy for those willing to accept it. Self-understanding requires NO approval from Other.  Be kind.  See through “eyes of Love” for best results (that requires context of family history).  All is well!  ❤

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