Step 294: Deleting Forgetfulness (Original Sin)

“Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi.”  ~The Rise of Skywalker (Final Trailer)

Credit: Motivate Us

Given enough time – the Heart will find its Natural Home.  It’s the first organ to form in a Human fetus.  It KNOWS.  Nobody knows how to say “goodbye.”  What/Who needs to be told “goodbye?”  When one door closes – another one opens.  Witnessing Human Evolution is NOT for the faint of Heart.  It takes courage and stamina to be alive on Timeship Earth right now. When Human believes in “Self” it’s easy to be curious and spontaneous with ALL experiences.  It’s not what you say – it’s how you say itFor today – think back to January 2014.  How are the “rules” different today It’s no accident you are reading these words today.  We add misery to the planet when we are offended – the same as when we offend others.  Who is the “discomforting other” in your life?  Coming to grips with a past failure or humiliation – it’s simply time to “move on.”  Solutions are available when fueled by creativity and curiosity.  It’s only by losing what we have – repeatedly – that we truly come to understand what “I have” – is also what “I Am” – eternal.  Ladies – it’s time to activate the “Inner Hero” and Gentlemen – it’s time to activate the “Inner Shero.”  Balance requires we question those old-old-old stories of legends and myth.  Why do I keep telling myself the same story?  Why do I “believe” those stories?  What IF there were 2 snakes in the Garden of Eden?  Quantum Reality arrives tomorrow as we re-establish our relationship with Deeper-Self.  So many layers.  So much ancestral belief.  Stop driving with the brakes on.  Notice.  Observe.  Trust yourself.  Be kind to Self and Other.  We’ve never been “here” before.  Integrate-Absorb-Rest-Retreat.  As often as needed.  Your Soul wants to “touch.”  All is well!  ❤

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