Step 293: And Then There Was That……

“I, at any rate, am convinced that God does not throw dice,” said Albert Einstein to Niels Bohr – who replied, “quit telling God what to do with his dice.”  Stephen Hawking would later add, “not only does God play dice – but he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.”

Expect a shift!  As my grandma used to say – “pick your battles carefully.”  Hmmm.  Honest assessment.  Radical self-honesty is always welcome.  Human creates reality from “interpretation” of events or situations.  It’s called “Cognitive Bias.”  If I believe that “little people” cause snow – then every time it snows – it provides proof that  “little people” caused the snow.  The Human internal-unconscious belief system will determine whether “I proceed in a step-by-step-manner,” – OR – “figure out to how use what I have on hand for maximum results.”  Ever try to convince someone with an opposite belief system – that their way of thinking is inaccurateOther will have a long list of accomplishments that prove otherwise.  Think “little people-snow.”  For today – Common sense.  Good Juju.  Volatility is possible.  Welcome to the “Uncertainty Club.Who am I really trying to convince?  What am I trying to convince “other” of?  Why do we tolerate abusers?  There is no “right or wrong” – but there are plenty of examples of Happy AccidentsWhich is harder –  the pain of regret – OR – the pain of disciplineIntuition – Serendipity – Coincidence are activepay attention.  Everyone is on their own “wave-length” or “frequency.”  Keep it real.  Keep it simple.  Be kind.  Be open-minded.  Open your Heart-Intelligence.  Using empathy and compassion for “CONTEXT” of Other is helpful.  Keep a sense of humor!  We’re all learning a new skill practice-practice-practice.  All is well!  ❤

For a complete list of “Confirmation Bias” that might be affecting you – click here – as Wikipedia has kindly made this list for us!

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