Step 292: Sunday Blessings – The Quiet Truth

“Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”  ~Walt Whitman

Credit: NASA – New Horizon captured Pluto’s Night-Side!

Discord versus Awareness!  What happens when we “hear” what we don’t want to “hear?”  Which gets priority – Human Nature or Divine Nature?  Human was born to “create.”  ​Obstacles – for better or worse – change our path.  For today – observe the Inner-Seasons changing.  Slow down.  Everyone is being asked to “adapt.”  Embrace UnconventionalSpoiler Alert – we are ALL Teachers AND Students!  Chances are that any confusion and disappointment are exaggerated.  Is your “comfort zone” a padded cellORa cozy setting with an endless view?  It matters.  Am “I” giving my Soul/Creator more than “lip service?”  It’s important to question Self and equally important to humbly connect with “my Soul-Self.”  We call it the “road less traveled.”  It is NOT for the faint of heart – but oh-so-rewarding.  Be aware that you and me (yep – all of us) are consciously OR unconsciously Co-Creating.  The question is “what do I want to CREATE my life around now?”  Please say “thank you” for all that you currently have.  Gratitude goes a long way in revealing the Quiet Truth.  Be kind.  Notice who/what you are following – and – why “I am” following.  Something deep INSIDE is “calling out.”  Listen carefully – choices will be made that will affect life direction.  Be clear – very clear – about intent – and motivationBe honest with Self at ALL times.  You were born for this “moment in time.”  We are loved by a most indifferent Universe – it is the Grandest of Paradoxes – “I am another YOU!”  All is well!  ❤

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