Step 288: Weighing the Ghost

“Genial – (adjective) – favorable to growth or comfort; marked by freely expressing sympathy or friendliness; displaying or marked by genius.”

Credit: Starla Little – “Not in Kansas Anymore”
Maintain True North!  The world is full of stories – but the stories are all One.  Acknowledging the Truth often means changing something.  Relationships require effort – not to the point that we ignore our intuition or feel disrespected.  What’s a plan if you don’t clearly articulate the specifics of what it meansFor todayAssimilation and Elimination.  When we remove impurities and what’s no longer needed – we’re ready for more nourishment.  The goal is to find the ‘right context’ in which to nourish Self.  Is time ‘big’ or ‘long?‘  The language we speak changes our perception of time. Think back to around July 17th (the question was CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW and what did you unsubscribe from or were preparing to lay to rest?).  Think back to around September 26th (you bumped into the past –  which helped change the center of gravity).  It’s time to smooth out the edges.  Fate delivers the “Meeting” but we are free to choose our own Destiny.  Choices made now culminate December 3rdWhen we are truly ready for change and Truth – we’ll openly embrace the elements to take us there.  Change is inevitable – struggle is an option!  Frame is as trying to pass through a keyhole – the Soul can easily perform the feat – but the Mind will want to ‘figure it all out.’  Trust + Fierce Grace + Wise HopeHow much ‘weight’ does the Ghost from the past really carry and control you?  (Hint – it depends on the number of unrecognized shadows)  Be honest with Self and Self will be honest with you.  It’s a ParadoxGravity always wins in the end.  All is well! ❤

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