Step 287: “Lost” is found!

“I need to listen well, so that I hear what is not said.”  ~Thuli Madonsela

The beauty of the pieces of my past! Sparkly! ❤

There are 1440 minutes in 24 hours.  Moment-to-moment – that’s 1440 opportunities to “change my reality.”  Beliefs are thoughts and thoughts are things. Inspiration and Ideas.  Can you see your life in the “Context of Evolution?”  Slow and Steady.  Every storm runs out of rain – but storms leave debris.  Effort – Discipline – Patience.  Feet on the ground.  For today – Little things matter – the BIG Picture is coming into view.  Pause and PivotConsider you are “buying the future” todayWhat has value – what is valuable to ‘other?’  Think back to around February 19th (Galactic Wifi was upgraded and rebooted). New frequency.  Masculine energy began providing a “safe-space” for feminine energy to expand and rise upAndrogyne.  Around May 30th the Fairy Tale had died (did words and actions match?).  Around September 7th the “source of illusion” was revealed (comparing Self to others creates the space and separation between us).  It’s time to discard the debris and heal the unspoken and so-called-perceived “brokeness.”  That’s an illusion too!  Listen carefully today to the ‘unspoken‘ because we’ll reconvene this conversation again around November 13th and 28th. By Christmas it will be time to “speak the unspeakable – soar in the unspoken.”  Be a good listener.  Be a good noticer.  Be kind.  See context of the “discomforting other.”  No one has the answer for another – but the answer can be found INSIDE.  It’s OK to see life differently – every moment counts contrary to what “experts” tell you.  The question to the “experts” is “what are you trying to sell me?  Trust yourself – trust Life – trust the process of elimination that is bringing HELP your Soul requested.  Deliverance arrives right on time.  All is well! ❤

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