Step 286:  Timing the Turnaround

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.”  ~Niels Bohr (Physicist)

Unconventional and OriginalLack of insight can create needless suffering.  Patience is needed to see the “view ahead” from an Evolutionary Perspective.  Beyond the “curtain” of first impressions lies an unfolding dynamic.  It’s the Unspoken – Unacknowledged – Unforgiven.  Take nothing and no one for granted.  For today slow down – one step at a time.  Pay attention to signs – omens – portents.  Synchronicity and Serendipity are at play – for those who care to pay attention – separate Truth and Fantasy.  Notice random facts and useless trivia.  Breaking through.  Closed doors – Pain – DeathHave you/can you accept it nowBe fearless in looking INSIDE the Darkness.  Are you “grasping” or “receiving” life?  What happens if “I allow” life to come to “me?”  What if “I” discover that Life happens through me?  The ball is in motion and life is at play.  Pay attention.  Be a good noticer.  Notice the timing at play.  Kindness is important.  Be gracious.  Find one thing a day to laugh at yourself – it keeps it “real.”  There are 7+ billion Souls getting aligned and preparing for Future-Growth.  Everything is right on time and – YESyou and I areWhole Beings” – we all are – we just have to remember we are NOT our body – NOT a story.  Just be yourself – that’s all that’s really being asked of each of us!  You are loved – more than you know.  All is well!  ❤

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