Step 281: Rhythm – Rhyme – Harmony

“I’ll be more enthusiastic about encouraging thinking outside the box when there’s any evidence of any thinking going on inside the box.”  ~Terry Plachet


What do you think Earth’s TripAdvisor Reviews look like?  Move at Nature’s pace.  Find refuge in change.  De-escalate tension while pursuing mutual co-operation. That’s the goal. Human is learning to move beyond “Zero-Sum.” Stepping over the cliff into Win-Win-Mutual-Benefit is not as difficult as once feared.  For today – intention – focus – gratitude determines “what I receive.”  Misunderstanding and miscommunication occur when we listened to “reply” rather than “listening-to-HEAR.”  It’s easier to see the “effects” of our Shadow than clearly identify it.  It usually shows up as judgement (positive and negative) that we believe has nothing to do with “me.”  Ruh-Ro!  What we admire or despise in another is simply a part of “me” that is begging to be integrated and expressed.  Noticing judgement is the quickest way to identify “my shadow.”  The “self-centered and self-obsessed” draw attention to Shadow’s desire to “be more self-supportive.”  Admiring talent in another – Shadow’s desire to express more confidence – freedom of expression.  Pay attention to what’s been repeating lately.  Seeing anger – reveals strength growing within.  Seeing manipulation reveals a desire to be “direct and take control of my life.”  The more noticing we do – the quicker the healingEveryone is going through something.  Be kind – stay neutral.  Have compassion for Self and Other.  We are ALL going through this together.  Assume nothing.  Watch Nature’s Rhythm.  Walk easy.  See the Unseen at work through synchronicity – aka Divine Timing (no – you’re not crazy – and NO – not everyone was born to FIT IN)!  All is well!  ❤








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