Step 272: Higher Ground

“Halcyon – (noun/adjective) – A mythical bird of ancient Greece, that nested on the seas, calming them with magical powers until its eggs hatched.  Ideally calm, peaceful, tranquil, placid.”

Life is Juicy!  September will be a memory tomorrow.  The goal was “wholeness.”  Once something has been seen – it cannot be unseen.  Life is a Paradox.  Sometimes what Human believes is an illusion turns out to be real – and sometimes – what is believed to be real turns out to be an illusion.  The Soul KNOWS when Human is ready to Discern the TruthFor today – Puzzle Pieces!  Love – Money – Power!  Think back to around February 23rd (there was a test – did you pass or fail?  It was Amazing Grace).  And around May 6th (something overheated – as a ghost from the past revealed an Ancestral Belief).  Around July 21st – (the question was to DO or BE?  Something from deep inside CALLED out – Truth-Awareness-Discernment-Tenderness-Intelligence – – and the next step revealed).  The Circle of Life keeps turning. Contraction is a sign of the Old-Status-Quo collapsing in on itself.  Fate is nothing more than an old memory from the Futureremember that today!  Arriving at completion means it’s time to move on.  A new pathway is opening up.  Take the High-Road if needed.  Also – as an FYI – no one is really in control and no one really understands what’s going on.  Let’s be fair – kinder and gentler to one another!  Go deep –  you won’t be disappointedStop waiting for your ship to come in – it’s been here all along. TRUST yourself – you know much more than you realize.  You are loved!  All is well!  ❤

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