Step 269: Catching Up to Genius

Credit: James Rokop

Fear and doubt can creep in – when Life doesn’t happen – according to plan.  Well – the next question is “which plan are we talking about?”  Mind – Body – Soul merge and meet for a moment – in past-present-future-space – to discuss options.  Be the observer to the “meeting” going on INSIDE.  “What’s the meeting about,” you ask.  The short answer is – “how to get Human to remember Original-Intent-Purpose of the Trip of a Lifetime as an Earthwalker.”  Settling for less shows lack of faith and trust in Self and the Universe.  We cheat Self when we “settle.”  Great Patience is required to cross big mountains.   For today – there’s a course correction in progress.  Slow down.  Self-awareness of the “voices in my head” – the “feeling in my gut” and the Intelligence whispering from the Heart.  When LIFE is ‘life-ing‘ don’t take anything personally.  Be kind to Self and Other.  Be generous with forgiveness of Self and Other.  Above all – keep your sense of humor.  More will be revealed over the weekend.  Balance is the key for optimal transition.  All is well!  ❤

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